Friday, March 15, 2013

Beware the Ides...

It is time to get down to brass tacks and give away some free EDC gear.

Ka-Bar Mini Dozier: David Kraus
CRKT Drifter G10: Greg Price
CRKT Drifter SS: Sharp
Lighthound 1xAAA light: Cheryl
Lighthound 1xAA light: Adrian Rye

and now for the big prizes.

The winner of the Haiku submitted a review that was well photographed, well written and had an excellent choice of gear.  The product was something a little off the beaten path, but still eminently useful.  The product was a custom, but is now available as a production tool from Boker.  The big difference from the other reviews, as all of the ones published were many of the things listed above, is that this one took no formatting.  Lots of folks submitted reviews and the ones not listed either were missing some crucial part of the review or were so difficult to reformat that I had to abandon the effort or rewrite the whole thing.  One even caused the site to crash (though I got it back up and running).  The winner of the McGizmo Haiku is Tom.  His guest review can be found here.  He reviewed the JRP Toucan.  This is a great little tool and his set up is dead simple.  Great all around review, Tom.  

TAD was super awesome to let me keep the Dauntless and I didn't want to squander that generosity (nor did I want to keep the knife, though let me tell you it was SUPER tempting...alas my reputation is worth even more than an unbelieveably awesome blade).  So I decided to do a raffle benefiting the Wounded Warrior Project, which helps returning vets.  We did this before as a site and raised about $125.  But this time you guys and gals utterly killed it.  We raised...drum roll please...$518.85.  The winner, chosen at random, was Garret O'Donoghue. 

Everyone that is a winner email me your address.  Send the email to anthonysculimbrene AT comcast dot net (in the normal format). 

For those of you that submitted reviews (even if they were not published), hang in there.  I am going to do a second giveaway (once the treasure chest is restocked) and only those that submitted reviews will be eligible (though Tom, you aren't).  Additionally, if you gave $20 or more to the WWP giveaway and didn't win, you too will be eligible for a second giveaway. 

Thanks for two years of reading.  Thanks for donating to the WWP.  And good luck.  More reviews are coming which means more giveaways are coming. 


  1. Congratulations to all of the winners, especially you Garret, keep that knife forever. What is best of all is the amount that was raised. To be honest, that was more than I thought. I am glad it is going to such a great cause. And Tony thanks for doing this.

  2. Thanks for the great contests Tony! Congrats to all the winners!

  3. which is cooler. that you gave away a very nice unobtainable knife. Or that your generous readers donated over $500. cool knife, but great hearts.

  4. Great giveaways, well done to everyone who scooped a prize!!
    Hopefully there will be a few mini reviews being returned on the items won. I wouldn't mind knowing peoples impressions of their new items.

  5. thanks for the chance at these great giveaway prizes, Tony! I am inspired by the amount that was raised for WWP. congrats to the winners -- enjoy your new gear!