Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Early SHOT Show 2013 Information

Here is a very good interview with Ethan Becker by Equipped to Survive:

Ethan Becker knows so much about fixed blades that it is insane. He also coins an awesome word: slicier (as in more slicy). The BK10, of course, looks very good and I think thinner is a good.  I have found that the 1/4" stock is decent, but 3/16" stock is virtually just as strong and a significantly better slicing thickness.  It is, well, slicier.  The necker looks really cool.  Maybe I can swing a review sample form Ka-Bar and stack it up against the Candiru.  Also, the idea of the one match fire is pretty interesting. 

SOG has some new blades on display.  You can see more about them here.  There is something that looks Brous designed, a few skeletonized fixed blades, and weirdly some wood scale Twitches.  They also have some tomahawks because apparently 2013 is the Year of the Tomahawk (or perhaps because tomahawks are both useful and have good margins).  I sort of swore off the SOG brand for a while after a few less than stellar blades at pretty high prices for what you get and nothing in this brief preview changes my mind.

Not much else I can find on the web, but here are a few places to keep tabs on over the next few days:

www.everydaycivilian.com (run by fellow EDCFer DemskeetSkeet)

More later.  


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