Saturday, November 3, 2012

Favorite Small EDC Knives

Small knives are, by far, my favorite choice for EDC use.  Here is a quick video of four of my favorites:


  1. You've got a real knack for narrating these vids. Great to see the Aphid "in the flesh"; I can see better why you like it so well.

    That said, I have some advice for how to improve your gear review videos.

    My advice is to introduce an enormous number of idiosyncratic abbreviations for things that don't need to be abbreviated, then use them all the time.

    Also please start making your videos obsessively self-referential. On camera, ask yourself lots of rhetorical questions in the third person as if you were a franchise player in the NBA or something. "Guys will say, 'But EverydayCommentary, I thought you didn't care about jimping!' Well, ..." etc., etc., etc.

    Thanks for your attention to these matters.

  2. I love me some 'small EDC knives.'
    Back when Benchmade first released pictures of the Aphid, I was super excited for it. Had they released that version, I might have grabbed a couple. What they released... no thanks. :(

    Pre-release photo:

    Release photo:

  3. I've heard the Cadet will be coming out in different colors again soon.

    1. Nutnfancy is correct. They are coming out in new colors. Rejoice.

  4. Been carrying the DF2 for the last three months on your recommendation. My online "window shopping" for knives has essentially ended after getting it. What a great knife. Before I got it a friend of mine had gotten a Benchmade 940 and I was getting jealous. Now that I have the DF2, that 940 just seems too big, too heavy, and too thick. Keep up the great site, Tony!