Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Brous Blades Triple Threat Folder

Jason Brous has really gone all out in the last year or so.  He has gone from a niche custom fixed blade maker to a superstar in the knife world.  A few of his designs were picked up by SOG, which is always nice for a maker.  He also released his own mid-tech (it seems like the world has gone mid-tech crazy) flipper folder which has received rave reviews.  And now, he has announced an upcoming new folder, one with a more traditional look and design (compared to the Silent Soldier Flipper; don't worry it still has that Brous look and feel).  Here is a picture of the Triple Threat:

The handle is G10 and the blade is 3.5 inch D2.  It has Jason's customary multi-faceted grind.  I am not a huge fan of these kinds of grinds, but it does look especially tactical and aggressive.  And quite frankly, I was not sold on the Flipper's design until the reviews came out and people had them in their hands.  Sometimes you just can't tell until something is released into the wild.  I thought the Cryo would be a slam dunk, but I was completely wrong.  If anyone can make these types of ultra-complex grinds work, I think it just might be Jason Brous. 

I DO like the maze pattern on the handle as it looks amazingly grippy.  They have not been released yet, but Jason and Blade HQ are taking pre-orders.  Going through the Blade HQ link below will help the site:

Blade HQ

Oddly enough, Jason's site requires a $50 deposit, while Blade HQ requires a $5 one.  You decide which is a better deal, given that you are doing the exact same thing in both cases.  I'll see if I can swing one for review when they are released.  Color me very interested.    


  1. With that grind it could be an accessory sword from some 80s action figure line with a rock or mineral theme. "Ore Warriors(tm) from Kenner!"

  2. Tony, this blade has three things you normally dislike: Liners, thumbstud and tanto/tactical-esque grind. I am still glad to learn of it, just a tad surprised.

  3. The prototype was sick. The digital mockup shown isn't bad. The final implementation is crap. The edge bevel transition doesn't match the grind. The little choil is larger and uglier. The "bright stonewash" finish makes it look cheap. The grind-to-grind transitions are soft. For $260, the obvious choice is the Zero Tolerance 560/561.