Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Three Stage Aeon Update

We are getting closer to the magic number of 75.  Remember the sign ups are here, just post in the comment section.  This is nothing more than a way of gauging interest.  There is also a CPF thread, but let's keep all of the names as consolidated as possible. 

Lots of folks have chimed in and flashlight design is never good when done via a committee.  To that end, Enrique made an announcement with some ordering info and SPECS!  Here is the info:
 Howdy Folks,

I'm now looking into the details to make the run happen, and will post back once everything is well settled. This will be run similarly to how the last batch of Makos was - a deposit up front to secure your position in line, with the balance due prior to shipping. This ensures that I'm not having to try to herd cats of "possibly interested" parties, and breaks up the payment for you guys into two chunks, which seems to make things more manageable for people rather than an immediate full payment.

brighterisbetter: These would use 4500K neutral white LEDs.

I'll keep you all posted.


Go bonkers, folks, because this little gem just might be the best possible combination of features you'd want in an EDC light--marathon long runtimes, super compact, excellent tint, and very good output.  Oh and again, its Titanium.  More as it becomes available.  And go sign up!  We need 75.