Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What's in the Hopper

So I got the LED Lenser M7R from friend of the site, Juli Warner over at Leatherman today.  I had asked when I noticed that in a recent tech upgrade LED Lenser now has respectable lumens counts for their light's outputs and they have switched over to current regulation, allowing for longer outputs at closer to the max levels.  In other words the quirks that made LED Lenser stuff a bit out of the mainstream are gone. 

What is left is an impressive light, but this is going to take a while.  The light has an innovative magnetic charging base.  It also has an 18650 battery.  It has multiple UIs, all of which are different.  Finally, it has a spectacular and pretty much unique lens focusing system (it is patented as a matter of fact).  All of this unusual and new tech in a light is going to be a challenge to review, but I am going to do my best. 

Also, word from BHQ is that a Paramilitary 2 is coming my way for review.  This is probably one of the hottest blades on the market right now and I can't wait to get one in my hands to try out.  All of you that were working on reviews of the PM2 for the Haiku giveaway, keep them coming.  More points of view are better on a knife this important.

Finally, I will be giving away two really nice items that were reviewed here in the next few days.  Keep an eye out for the announcement and rules.