Thursday, June 7, 2012

Muyshondt Aeon 3 Stage Edition

After receiving the really depressing news about the Aeon, I hit up Enrique one last time.  My request was on behalf of you folks for one more run of Aeons.  The idea was a "Super" Aeon, one with a Neutral emitter and a three stage twisty with a moonlight mode low (.25 lumens).  It seemed like nothing more than a wing and a prayer, but there is no harm in asking, so I gave it a go.

Surprisingly, here was Enrique's response:

Hello Tony,

I'm not going to be doing aluminum lights anymore, but I suppose I could
make a last run of Aeons for your readers with a twist - three stages in
titanium, with a nice neutral white Cree XR-E. I could probably take on
the project in a month if you wanted to see if there was sufficient
interest. Exact pricing would be determined later, but based on past
experience I would expect it to be sub-$400, and there would have to be
somewhere on the order of 75 folks interested in lights for it to be

If you were able to round up enough interested parties I'd be willing to
do the same thing as what was done with the Mako when coyote conscripted
me; When things are ready to go into production take a deposit on the
lights, then take the remaining balance payment once they're ready to
ship, which keeps things simple and the lead times between payment and
shipment minimized.

All the very best,


I am fairly certain I don't need to emphasize this point, but this will be one hell of a light--Ti body, super runtimes, three stage twisty, neutral CREE emitter, all in a tiny package.  I guess the only thing better than an Aeon would be an Everyday Commentary Muyshondt Aeon Final Edition.

Be watching for future announcements. 

Also, don't say I never did anything for you.  This AND all of the giveaways (two more to be announced very soon). 


  1. That's awesome. I would be interested.

  2. I'm in if this does in fact happen.

  3. Depends on final cost for me. if "sub 400" means more like $380 than say, $250, I couldn't do it.

    Also I just ordered the regular Aeon, so that would affect it too. If I could get one not the other. I'll have to talk to Enrique.

  4. Rats, just ordered a regular one too. Moon would be super nice. Here's the thing though: from Enrique's FAQ, the XLAMP CREE is what gives the regular Aeon the crazy runtimes. Would using that different emitter compromise that? I'm only just getting into the emitter level of the rabbit hole so I'm asking questions slightly above my head. Any explanation would be appreciated, thanks.

    Like Jay, I could swallow $200, $250 tops (we're getting into HDS range and I want one of those too) and I'd have to be able to cancel (or resell) the regular one I made 30 minutes ago.

    Watching and waiting. Put me down as a maybe.

    1. I bet Enrique will be willing to work with us, having already ordered this "normal" Aeon. Maybe consider our payment as our deposit or something. $250 would be perfect for me (twice what I have already dropped). It would also be more than 3x what I have ever paid for a light.

      Funny you mention HDS - I actually have one of those on order. If Enrique comes through with a hard price (especially sub $300) I am going to cancel the HDS and be done with Henry and the 4 month run-around/backorder/production issues. And actually considering what I said above (that $250 is more than 3x what I have ever paid for a light) - that's not true. Henry/HDS took my money immediately. So I HAVE paid $150ish for a light, but never RECEIVED said light. ಠ_ಠ

    2. Hey Jay, Enrique won't take the money towards a deposit for "a light that may not materialize", paraphrased from his e-mail reply to my e-mail inquiry. His advice is to hold onto the light and sell it if the other one materializes pointing out that it will probably be easy to sell. He also emphasized that it will be closer to $300-$400 because of the small volume and new head that's needed for the 3-stage twisty.

      Finally, I'm a CRI snob and am quite happy with my CRI Preon 1 (those are all but gone too but I don't see prices rising yet) and will save for a Zodiac head (again, referred by Tony here) though the cost makes it almost as expensive.

      Tony, do you prefer the Preon or the Muyshodndt? The CRI and pocket clip carry make me favor the Preon. The cost helps too but I do envy the runtimes and the floodiness. I tell myself that extra cells are cheap.

      -Zoebios121. The Identity thing is being stupid and reposting doesn't update it.

    3. Update: After I decided to cancel my order for the regular and just wait for special edition or bust, Enrique refunded my order within 15 minutes of my e-mail saying such. Now that's fast service.

      Henry is almost as good with e-mails too. You should e-mail or call the man, Jay. Hope your HDS stuff works out.

    4. I have emailed Henry a bunch. He replies,.... eventually, and it's *always* run around about production issues, or whatever. I hope it works out too.

      I have also contacted Enrique and he told me the same thing he told you. I am keeping my Aeon and will sell it if I decide to get the Ti Aeon.

  5. Awesome! Thanks Tony! I was just thinking how I would love a titanium Aeon. I am in on this for sure! I have several McGizmos, but I often do go back to my Aeon because the form factor vs performance makes it so convenient in my pocket when it's not practical to carry a Haiku or Sundrop. Great news. You just made my day.

  6. Very cool. I'm in. Let us know how to get in on this.

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  8. That is LEGIT. I'm interested, depending how it all shakes down.

    I almost ordered a regular Aeon yesterday too!

  9. Thanks for thinking of us, Tony - nice idea. Count me in, I love the moniker of "Final Edition".

    I would love a matte gray Ti similar to the scales of a Chris Reeve Sebenza.

  10. I second the matte gray finish idea but would take either if offered.