Wednesday, June 6, 2012

In Case You Missed It: Muyshondt Aeon

Well, I mentioned it in the prior post, but today I got email confirmation from Enrique Muyshondt himself--the Muyshondt Aeon is being discontinued.  Here is the email from Enrique:

Hello Tony,

The Aeon is being discontinued, yes. I have a handful of parts left to
build a few more lights but that's the last of them. To be clear, this
doesn't preclude that one day it won't be re-introduced, but speaking from
today's vantage point I have no further plans at present for future
releases on it.

I will likely release a new light at some point in the not-so-distant
future but it will be unrelated and not intended to replace the Aeon. My
time is rather more precious these days and I am moving away from any kind
of small volume production and plan to just be doing small batches of
lights so that I can build and ship everything at once when it's
available, like what was done with the Mako - it's far more straight
forward that way.

I don't have any Mako AAAs available, unfortunately. They were a
relatively small batch of lights.

I'm glad to read that your Aeon is still seeing good use - the best place
for that light is on your keys. :) Also, I have noticed the black gunk
that you found at the bottom of the battery tube as well. I have no idea
what it is but it does come up sometimes - you can wipe the bottom of the
battery with any cloth, and the stuff on the negative contact in the case
will come off with a Q-Tip. If it's stubborn, alcohol will lift it.

Take care.


If you have read this site for a while you will know how much I love this light.  I have a lot of nice lights and access, thanks to kind makers and manufacturers, to a lot more.  There is nothing that works better in an EDC role, in my opinion, than the Aeon.  Its small size, super long runtimes, and plenty of output for its size makes it a great light.  The dead simple, can't miss UI puts it over the top.  Enrique made a light that is tougher than just about anything in the flashlight world and it is a light that uses top shelf materials in every facet of the light.

If you can find one out there, I strongly recommend picking one up.  Even three years after its introduction there are no lights in its class that are better.  


  1. Glad I got my order in today. And I have spoken with Enrique too, so I know my order is in good standing. :)

    I can't wait, too. Too bad this is what prompted me to buy it but still at least I'll finally have one.

  2. Interesting that such an early find turns out to be just the right one. I have thought about my edc, and it is clear that my first purchase, a tiny SAK, is the most useful thing I carry. It gets used more than anything but the keys on my keyring. Very nice pocket knives far more often than not go the whole day without being used. The little Preon light you featured a couple of days ago corresponds to my keychain Fenix, and I may get one just because of the extended low-power runtime. Those two Items would answer 99% (note scientific estimate with per cent sign and numbers) of my needs for edc items. Not that I won't keep on getting odds and ends, since I am a gadget junkie. You should see my kitchen! And my garden shed!

  3. It's a pity. My Aeon is my most used light, in part because it's always there on my key chain. The battery life is amazing. For most tasks the low setting is plenty, but high is useful occasionally.

    Last halloween I was out with my daughter when the battery in my cammera - also a CR2 - ran out. I swapped the battery with the Aeon on my keychain and the camera was then fine. But I'm still using the same battery in the Aeon that was too low to work the camera.

    Just ordered a spare.

  4. I'd like to sign in for one Aeon please. I also posted on CPF where I'm chellyc. Thanks.