Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Flashlight Updates

Three random notes.

First I sent Eagletac an email about the crooked pocket clip on my D25A.  First email was very sad.  They are not making these lights anymore because they were limited editions.  Second email was much better.  The clip is a universal clip and they would send me one for free, so long as I covered shipping.  It arrived about two weeks later and I installed it.  It is better but not perfect, say like 99% straight. 

Take aways:

1.  Eagletac's customer service is good.

2.  Unlike other companies (how many limited edition Ti lights is Sunwayman going to make?), their limited editions are actually limited.

3.  Pocket clips are regularly a problem on lights.

Second, I have recently gone back to carrying my Aeon on a daily basis, something like a sobert palete cleanser (see tip 8) for gear reviewing.  I love this light.  But I noticed that the activation and the step up to the high output was not as clean as before.  The light would flicker and then sometimes just skip to high.  I blew out the compartment.  I lubed the threads.  I cleaned the head.  Nothing.  I was getting sad when I looked at the battery.  I then noticed that the battery had been in the light for over a year.  I tried a new battery and nothing changed.  I was about to morn a little when I looked down in the battery tube and noticed that the connector was all dirty.  Three drops of de-oxit red later and the light was a smooth as butter again.  I guess it is a good thing that the batteries last so long.  This is the fourth battery in almost TWO YEARS of pretty regular use.  Yowza!  I love this light so much that the next tidbit is painful.

Looks like the Aeon is going to go out of production.  Rumors have come to my attention, perhaps because I am the Paul the Apostle of the Aeon light, that this next batch will be the last.  There is no word on why or what the replacement, if anything, will be.  I am trying to confirm this with Enrique now.  I will post once I get word.

Take Aways:

1.  The Muyshondt Aeon is a BAMF light.

2.  Clean your connectors, especially on these battery sipping lights.

3.  Keep DeOxit on hand for cruddy connector problems.  Here are some other gear maintenance aids to have around. 

4.  GO BUY AN AEON NOW BEFORE THEY ARE GONE.  I will not sell mine under any circumstances and I think most owners will agree with that.  Once they are all sold they will skyrocket in price on the secondary market.  Unless you want to swap one of these to me for my Aeon, you are out of luck.   


  1. I have wanted one of these forever, and based simply on the fact you said they are going oop, I just ordered one.

    Now if it's all a scare tactic by Enrique, then that sucks, but at least I'll finally have an Aeon! lol.

    I ordered my first HDS light 4 months ago yesterday, and it's still not here. If the Aeon gets here first, ... well I will be super disappointed with service from Henry.

  2. Having read all your praise of the Aeon, I tried to buy one of these in January. The only problem: I wanted it in black. Online retailers and Muyshondt themselves only have natural alu in stock, so in desperation I emailed Enrique.

    Now; Enrique turned out to be a real champ -he offered to rummage thru the boxes from when the company moved office in search of enough spare parts to build a black light. And what he found was a few complete lights -even 3 titanium ones!

    I managed to secure a black light for myself and 2 more for some very good friends of mine. I carry it with a Squirt PS4. (Knives are illegal to street carry in Norway, so no Dragonfly II ZDP-189 for me).

    The Aeon is every bit as superb as you claim, and you can have all the Commanches you like -I'll stick with my light.

  3. Dang if he had said he had a ti version in stock I might have gone with that one.... But it wasn't listed for sale today.

  4. I nabbed a CRI Preon 1 for pocket clip carry EDC, those are going away forever too. I'm waiting on a CRI HDS rotary for holster carry, waiting on the new HDS rotary clip. I've been on the fence about Muyshodnt, esp since I have a Preon 1 already and an HDS is at the same pricepoint: I'm somewhat of a CRI snob but is the battery sipping really all it's cracked up to be and worth the non-CRI? Or do I swap out the photon on my keys for the Muyshodnt?