Thursday, June 14, 2012

Filipe De Coene Hybrid Friction Folder Video Review

This is one of those things you have to see in person to get.  Hopefully, this video is close enough to convey to cool, minimal design.


  1. Tony, would you recommend S30V in this piece over D2 if it can be acquired? I'd love a primer on knife steele and your thoughts on how the different steel offered by knife makers impacts wear and sharpen ability over time. Heck, while I am wishing, a whole post on blade finishes would be cool too.

  2. I'd almost always prefer a truly stainless steel like S30V to a semi-stainless steel like D2, especially uncoated and bead blasted D2. That said, I like how long this thing has kept its edge.

    If you need more information on steels, go to the Links tab up top, then under "Basics" you will find Joe Talmadge's Guide to Steels.

    You can also go here:

  3. Ok, good and thanks. Filip and I are already exchanging emails. He is quite responsive!