Tuesday, May 15, 2012

ToolGuyd Interview

There are a group of people out there that have done something very similar to what I have done with Everyday Commentary--they take a small sliver of the world and really specialize on a few types of things.  One my regular "checks" everyday goes to a very well done tool blog run by a guy named Stuart Deutsch.  Stuart's site, www.toolguyd.com is a great spot for deals, reviews, and release information for tools, especially power tools.  One of my other hobbies, aside from EDC stuff, is woodworking and ToolGuyd is a great place to find out new information on upcoming tools.  I met Stuart by commenting on a piece he did on a sander.  If your not a tool guy, this might not make a whole lot of sense, but I basically said that the tool he was previewing is nice, but not as nice as the new Festool Rotex 90.  Festool people are like the obnoxious Mac people of the tool world.  I happen to be both a Festool snob and a Mac snob, so I am not sure what that makes me other than a double snob.  Stuart's comments were really great in response and we struck up an email friendship.  Then he started covering EDC stuff and I now have two of his sites bookmarked, adding EDCGuyd.com to the mix.  Having sent emails back and forth, I decided it was time to subject Stuart to the scrutiny of the ten question interview (this one is real, unlike the last interview).  Here goes.

Q: What are you EDCing right now?

A: Right now I'm carrying a Leatherman Wave, Streamlight Stylus Pro, Samsung Galaxy Nexus in a Sena smartphone case, G-Shock Mudman, small Rite in Rain notepad, Parker Jotter, and two sets of keys with paracord pull-tabs. I sometimes carry a PB Swiss Insider multi-bit screwdriver, but not today.

Q: What is one of your grail EDC items?

A: I am (very impatiently) waiting for the ESEE Izula folder to come out. While it will probably be too big for me to EDC, I can't wait to see what type of abuse it can handle. [Editor's Note: the Izula folder is on indefinite hiatus, but it still looks pretty]:
Q: One thing you carry you'd like to upgrade?

A: My wallet. Right now I have a slim leather wallet I bought a couple of years ago to travel with, but it always seems to fill up with cards, receipts, and notes. Maybe a more minimalist wallet will help me break free from my bad habits.

Q: Knife question: What do you prefer: a thumb hole, thumb stud, or flipper? Why?

A:  I prefer thumb holes [Editor's Note: Yep...Stuart's good people.  This is how I pick all of the people I like.  Not Democrat or Republican, but knife deployment method]. Using a flipper tends to draw looks from friends and colleagues, and so thumb hole folders provide a little more discretion. I have nothing against thumb studs, but after using holes for so long, I find them slightly more comfortable and easier to use (if properly implemented). Thumb hole designs are also usually more thoughtfully crafted into a knife blade while studs are more utilitarian. 

Q: Flashlight question: Which do you prefer: clicky or twisty? Why?

A:  To be honest, I haven't made up my mind yet. I tend to like clicky switches as they're quicker to use, especially one-handed, but twisty switches are much better suited for multi-mode toggling. Some clickies are horribly stiff, possibly as a waterproofing consideration or to avoid accidental operation.

Q:  How did you go from Tool Guy to EDC Guy?

A: While there may be some overlap, maintaining EDCGuyd separate from ToolGuyd gives me freedom to discuss a wider range of topics. I have another catch-all site, but EDC-related content could too easily be lost there. It just did not seem fitting to discuss things like water-proof notepads, sports watches, backpacks, and mini grappling hooks next to hand and power tool previews and reviews. 

Q: Tool Question: Festool--Overrated or Gifts from the gods? You know how I feel.

A: I wouldn't say that Festool tools are overrated, although they are definitely cost-prohibitive and in some cases grossly over-priced [Editor's Note: Nuh uh]. I have found that Festool fans are always biased in favor of their costly investments [Editor's Note: Nuh uh], and opponents judge without ever using the tools they criticize. Festool tools do work exceptionally well together as a system, and some tools being much better buys than others. While they're not gifts from the gods, I wouldn't hestitate to expand my 1-tool Festool collection if or when my needs justify it and I could afford to [Editor's Note: GREEN AND BLACK, GREEN AND BLACK...]. 

Q:  What EDC related sites do you visit? What YouTube sites do you visit?

A: Every Day Commentary, EDCForum, MultiTool Forum, Blade Forum, CPF, Stormdrane's Blog, Spyderco Forums, a number of retailers' sites, and I subscribe to several gear/men's magazine sites. With limited time, I don't really spend much time on YouTube, although I'm subscribed to and try to follow Tying It All Together.
Q:  Fun question: How do you think 3D Printing technology is going to alter tool design in the next ten to twenty years?

A: I don't think 3D printing will heavily affect tool design, at least with respect to the ability to print out a specialty tool right at home. The material properties of plastics are a limiting factor, and there are many reasons why you won't see any metal-printing machines. While it is possible advancements in DIY 3D printing tech will lead to improvements in small CNC mill and router designs, there are many practical limitations that reduce the probability of there being a CNC solution that is as simple, standardized, well-polished, affordable, and ubiquitous as the Makerbot [Editor's Note: Easy Bake Oven for engineers' children]:

Q:  Anything you EDC that has sentimental value?

A: Not really. I try not to use or carry tools or accessories that I would regret losing, damaging, or destroying. I do have a small irreplaceable "One Hander" wrench that I discovered after my grandfather passed away, and while it's compact and handy enough to EDC, I leave it at home.

Bonus Question/Preview:

I will contact you about the Sketchup project.  Have you used Sketchup before?

I have used Sketchup on and off for a couple of years. Never really used it to model very complex objects, but I'm somewhat comfortable with the program.

[Editor's Note: I am working on an EDC-related woodworking project.  Once all of the kinks have been worked out I will release the Sketchup design and other details.]


  1. Great interview, I'll be subscribing to both of Stuart's sites!

    Also, I love working with Sketchup, I'm excited to see what's coming down the pipe!

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