Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Poll Winners

AdSense is like that guy you knew in college--full of big promises but never came through.  The estimated revenue was well over $100--$136.55 to be exact, but after Google's "sophisticated analysis" it amounted to $69.99.  Um, what?  Okay. Fine, assholes. 

But I am NOT like that guy in college.  I am like the guy you grew up being friends with--I come through despite setbacks.  So I am going to toss a little of my own cash into this and make up the difference.  I figure the karma will even itself out over time.  That means, however, that I am not going to review the Olight i3, unless they send me one, and instead review the stuff you voted for, because again I am not like those bastards at AdSense. 

The winners were the Boker Exskelibur II and the Fenix PD22.  This was an interesting poll because the choices were, by design, pretty different from each other.  I had originally thought that the Cold Steel knife would win because of the loyal following their knives have.  I also thought that the Kershaw knife would do well for the same reason.  I really gave the Boker no chance and the AG Russell even less chance than that.  But in the end it was a two horse race between the Boker and the Cold Steel.  I like the Cold Steel knife, but the Boker is a vastly more elegant design--a one handed opening knife hidden in the form of a two handed nail knick blade.  I can't wait to play with it, though I am a little wary of the 440C steel. 

The flashlight poll was entirely different.  Nothing ever was even within 50% of the votes the Fenix had.  I get the message--review more Fenix lights.  I will.  The race was literally never ever close.  Neither of the other two torches generated much interest at all.

So, we have our winners: the Boker Exskelibur II and the Fenix PD22.  I am going to get the Boker first.  I am working on a light review right now for the Sunwayman I received and I like to mix up reviews so I don't have one light get confused with another light.

Also, if anyone has any experience with other forms of revenue generation, let me know.  AdSense is on my shit list.   Amazon Associates is another option, but I am not going to run both at the same time, as ads can overwhelm a site pretty easily.  Let me know if these work better and/or if you'd prefer them to AdSense.   


  1. AdSense can be a PITA true. Amazon Associates I found useful not so much for regular ads but to provide a link for pretty much any item mentioned since they sell just about everything. Simply made sure readers understood that the links were there to help support the site but that unless you explicitly recommend something then it isn't a recommendation but just a link.

    Just a thought from someone who gave up content creation of this type a while back. ( Day job induced, mostly )

  2. Since your intention is not to make a profit, I think your best bet is to allow people to donate.

    The other donation option is a service such as - say you will review something if you reach a certain amount (the price of the item for example) and then you could randomly pick a name out of all the donors and send the item to the lucky winner.

  3. Tony I have used Amazon with some success - although I guess it's all relative to your definition of "success." It does generate revenue.

    I have no idea what your traffic numbers are but I would hazard a guess that if it is properly implemented Amazon will outperform adsense on this type of product-focused site. Also, I happen to run both Adsense and Amazon on my site. Done right I don't think it compromises user experience too much, but there is always a line.

  4. Tony, I check out product links in your writing already, so having Amazon ads linking to products is no problem to me, as long as you keep putting the specific links in your articles, too. If you run both types of ads to get revenue where it needs to be, that doesn't bother me, either. We've all seen enough ads to be able to regard them as ignorable crabgrass in the lawn of life unless they're closely centered on our interests. Do what you gotta do!

  5. I'll be honest, having the ABP addon means that I surf the web without adverts. I've had ABP for so long that I had forgotten Google ads even existed! I'd be happy to donate to the site, but I am unable to click on your adverts.