Saturday, April 7, 2012

One Year Score Updates

It is hard to give a product a score and then let that score stand for years.  If you did that, and you started a project like this twenty years ago, the Mag AA would be a 20/20 even though it is clearly and definitely inferior to the products available now. 

To help you make gear decisions, I am going to update my scores, approximately one year later.  I have done this with the Sebenza, the Haiku, and just today the Leafstorm.  Only the Leafstorm has had a score change, and I docked it a point, so it now scores a 13/20 on my scale.  There are going to be things that get better scores and things that get worse scores.  I have learned a lot since I started this site and the technology and steels have improved appreciably even in one year.  If I am still around in five years, I'll do another update. 

Keep your eyes peeled for score updates and an explanation of why the score has or hasn't changed. 


  1. I am not sure if you're doing this or not, but I think it'd be helpful if you left your original number to go along with your old number.

    1. Jay Dub,

      I kept the original score right next to the updated score on the reviews archive page.