Saturday, April 21, 2012

New Light Sites

Technically it is not new, but had published articles so sporadically in the past that they became a dusty spot on my bookmarks list.  But recently they have stepped up their game and reviewed a bunch of really interesting lights in a very systematic way.  When you get a chance go check them out.

Also, if you even casually peruse CPF you will know and love the SelfBuilt reviews.  Well, he has a YouTube channel up and running and it is as great as his forum reviews are on CPF.

Information on new gear is bountiful and this is the golden age of flashlights, so enjoy.


  1. Hi Tony,

    Thanks for mentioning LED-Resource!

    We try our best to stay on top of the latest LED products and technology, but it depends on how often new products come out and also the availability of our volunteer staff of editors. Typically we post about one or two reviews every month, and the first half of the year tends to be more active due to new product announcements at SHOT Show in January, so do check back every once in a while!

    Best regards,

    Robin Wang
    Executive Editor, LED-Resource

  2. Selfbuilt's reviews are really great and professional. After reading one of them I decided to buy Armytek Predator. It's cool well made light. Good work, selfbuilt!