Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Gauntlet Cast

Tom has submitted the first user review to be published and boy is it a monster.  He chose to take a peek at the ZT560, one of the hottest folders in the world, using Elmax steel, one of the hottest steels in the world.  He did a lot of work including the not advisable spine-whack tests (I am not sure they really prove anything important for real world non-tactical use).

There are a few rules changes I need to implement:

1.  I will only accept links for pictures.  There are too many problems associated with picture files (another submission crashed my email...yikes!).  The photo album sites are free and Photobucket, Image Shack, and Flickr are all very good.

2. Please include the price in a specific unit of currency.  100 what?  So, for example, if it is 100 pounds, I will convert it to US dollars, but I need to know what the original currency is to do the conversion.  The majority of the readers of the blog are US based, but 20% aren't.

3.  Turn around is about two weeks (well it was two weeks this time because of the email crash).  I will send you an email either way letting you know.  

4.  Send me the text in the SIMPLEST format possible.  I had to format Tom's review, post it, tear it down (it had HTML code in it that fucked with the rest of the site) and then do it all over again.

Give Tom some good feedback.  Other reviews are coming, one on a Large Sebenza and more from Tom.

Good start and consider the gauntlet cast.

1 comment:

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