Monday, March 19, 2012

Sprint Runs and New Spydercos

If you like Spyderco knives, and if you are reading this blog there is a good chance you do, then some of the recently leaked knives probably have you stoked.  When I went down the list, taken from the Coming Soon page at Blade HQ (one of my favorite knife sites on the web; great selection, great service, but slightly above average pricing), I was stunned.  There are a ton of knives coming that I could easily see myself buying.  There are other previews over at, found here. Here are the designs I found interesting:

Spyderco Caly Sprint Run:  This knife will be an instant collector's item.  It is a wonderful and graceful design.  This one will have Damascus steel, which I hate, but lots of people like.  A great design totally pimped out.  

Ti Chaparral with CTS-XHP blade steel:  Feast the eyes on this:

Image courtesy of Spydercollector.

Of all the knives in the new lineup, this is the one I am probably going to buy (that or the Southard, see below).  There is a subtle pattern to the Ti handle and the blade steel, based on the recipe, seems to be one of the few that can rival ZDP-189.  Sal himself called CTS-XHP a truly stainless D2, meaning that it has the toughness of a tool steel and the rust resistance necessary for everyday use.  

Manbug with ZDP-189 blade steel:  This knife is yet another small knives having ZDP-189.  I like the Manbug design but for roughly the same money and size you get the ergonomically superior Draongfly.
Cricket with Nishijin CF handle scales: I have always thought that the Cricket is a great "only" knife.  It is a nice, elegant design--perfect for a person that wants to carry a knife and not carry a tactical behemoth.  If one of my coworkers came to me and said recommend me a knife, me, knowing that they'd give two shits about anything other not looking scary, I'd recommend the Cricket (or an Alox SAK Cadet).  The thing is that adding the Nishijin will only add to the small knife's appeal.  I just wish we could get a knife with Nishijin CF AND ZDP-189.

Ulize:  Here is a picture of the knife:

It is a massive blade as you can see and it is designed for use by police officers.  The shape is very different from the normal Spyderco and this is yet another collab with a European designer--Ulrich Hennicke.  I am not sure this is a realistic EDC choice, but it does prove that Spyderco is always on the hunt for new and innovative ideas.  

FFG Delica and Endura with Black FRN handles: no more weird colors, just lots and lots of cutting performance.  I know some folks hate FRN, but I am not one of them.  This looks great to me.

Southard Flipper: This knife is a first for Spyderco in many ways.  It has a flipper (awesome) and ball bearings in the pivot.  The steel is a Carpenter steel and the handle is brown G-10.  No specs but the blade seems to be the same size as the Endura or maybe a bit longer.

Of the new knives announced this probably my favorite.  The steel looks good as does the flipper and bearing pivot.  The lock side (as this is a frame lock) looks clean and purposeful.  There is even a lockbar stop mounted under the pivot.  A really great collaboration and a great amazing piece of tech. 

Pocket Puuko by Pekka Touminen:  This is a traditional Scandinavian design and I like the simple look, but it is the rear-mounted pocket clip that leads me to include it in this list.  The pocket clip is very similar to that found on the Buck Vantage.  That design is one of my favorites and to see it on a Spyderco is great.

Spyderco's showing at IWA in Germany was impressive.  There was tons of innovation on display and the collab knives look to be super hot.  They are pimping out two mainstays--the Caly 3 and the Cricket--and they seem to be fearless in terms of design.  Can you think of any other maker that would unleash a beast like the Ulize and something as design focused as the Pocket Puuko?  My only wish from Spyderco is that they would take mercy on my freakin' wallet.  Geez.  The Techno is only a few months away and now I have to add the Southard to the list along with the Ti Chaparral.  Ugh.   


  1. Yow, that Southard flipper looks sweet. I hope it comes in other G10 colors.

  2. I couldn't agree more! Now is a very exciting time to be a Spyderco collector! Wouter is also releasing some fantastic videos of many of these knives.

  3. Spydercollector has pics of the Nishijin carbon fiber Cricket. It's a beautiful little knife. This is the first time a Cricket has called out to my wallet...