Friday, March 2, 2012

Chris Reeve Small Sebenza 21 Video Review

Yep, you read that correctly--video review.  In a complete and totally fluky moment I had time to record a video review.  I did it down in my workshop, which has plenty of light, but not the most appeal background.  I am sure I will not be able to do this regularly, but since I wanted to update the original review, found here, I thought the video review would be a nice way to do it.

My YouTube channel is EverydayCommentary.  Subscribe if you want.  The video reviews will be a regular but not frequent thing.

Here is the review:


  1. Good stuff! I carry a small Insingo primarily (now supplemented by an orange Mini-Griptillian!) and fully agree with your 20/20 score. It really is the best pocketknife I've ever used.

    Also, kudos for the nice video work. I watched probably 30 Sebenza videos on Youtube before I bought mine a year ago, and I appreciate that yours was in focus, had good lighting and good sound. (not to mention the excellent commentary)

  2. Great job Tony! I look forward to seein more vids, one on the Filip de Coene would be especially interesting! ;)

    1. Seconded.

      It was really nice to see and hear the 20 point system in the flesh. The tight framing of the shot really helped to get a great sense of the knife, even if it made it difficult to keep the knife in shot 100% of the time.

      Thank you.

  3. Thanks for the design-focused review. The "beat it till it breaks" stuff is pointless for me, but the clarity on what it is like to live with the item as you've presented is relevant to my EDC concept.

    I have nothing expensive, but I really like my Kershaw Skyline, another very "simple" knife that is easy to carry and comfortable for the occasional use I give it. While on vacation in Tucson, I picked up a Buck Vantage Pro (s30v) at Blade Runner (nice store, nice owner). The quite unobtrusive carry looked good, but I would not have realized how nice it would be had I not seen your clip comments. Since I was getting s30v steel, it seemed worth it to go for the higher-dollar model, especially after I saw how nicely the flipper worked. It is now in FedEx hands, on its way home to me free of TSA issues. Thanks for your blog!

  4. Nice video. You have a great voice and diction for video reviews (as much as I don't like video reviews.)

    Just keep in mind that a video review ties me to a computer for the length of the review. Link your point scale with every video, reference it, and don't explain it (I know this is the first one, so makes sense that you'd do so in *this* video.) I would also suggest to aim for 10 minutes max. And try to find the perfect focus spot of your camera and stay in it! Hard to do I'm sure. Throw some lighting in that room too. If you actually filmed in your light box, that would set it off.

  5. Great review, Tony. I've had a small Sebenza Insingo for a week now. I am really (really!) impressed with this blade. You should do a follow up video review on the Haiku next...