Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Interview: Are We There Yet Dad

So far I have posted interviews of people you probably know--Don McLeish and Bernard over at www.everyday-carry.com.  Today though I wanted to post an interview with a guy over on CPF that has one of the finest collections of lights out there.  Here is a link to his collection, which includes no less than 9 McGizmos and a full 3 Lunasol 20's (a light many consider the finest flashlight ever made).  It is the standard format of questions with a few modified for Troy.

There are a group of folks on CPF, like Troy, that drive the innovation.  They pay top dollar for custom lights and this allows guys like McGizmo, Steve Ku, and Mirage Man make expensive, unique, high end torches.  The folks in this group not only provide the money for innovators, they also guide the design of these lights.  They are tastemakers for flashlights and the features they like eventually filter down to the production lights we can all afford.  Have you seen McGizmo's clip on production lights? What about his piston drive?  It may not be Troy's intention to drive innovation, but that is what happens.  As such, this interview may give us an idea of where flashlights are headed in the future.   

1. What is your current EDC knife and light combo?

McGizmo Ti PD-S, Mac's Customs Ti EDC-XML and Chris Reeve small regular Sebenza.

2. Name one of your Grail items?

Lummi Original Orb Ti.  [Editors Note: He now has one, check the list; also this is a newer version of the Orb, not the original]

3. Twisty, clicks, or other (please specify)? Preference?


4. What's the appeal of the Lunasol 20?

Piston drive, size, dual purpose.

Have you modded yours?


5. If you had to suggest a light to someone that didn't have one what would you recommend in terms of bang for your buck?

Mac's Customs EDC series.

6. Who is the next up and coming custom maker?

Mirage Man.

7. Is infinite variable brightness a gimmick or useful?

If you like it, which method do you prefer (QTC, selector ring, other)? Useful, but depends on the mode. Can't stand QTC - too finicky. Like selector ring but still prefers just 2 or 3 momentary or click levels. Not really needing the variable brightness concept.

8. Most sentimental EDC item?

Mr. Bulk Brass LionCub.

9. MOMA contacts you and asks for one light to represent "the high end of flashlights" in terms of artistic value, what do you recommend?

Mirage Man customs [Editor's Note: Pretty hard to argue with that beauty].

10. Favorite gear sites or YouTube reviewers?

CountyComm, Blue Line Gear, several others.

Thanks to Troy for answering all of my annoying questions.


  1. how much on average does a mirage man light cost?

  2. Tony- Correct me if I am wrong, but once you get a Mirage Man in a finished product, you will be spending north of $1,000 to get one. Honestly, if you want that high end of a light, you could get a McGizmo Haiku and spend the change on a Hinderer XM-18 3" framelock and then take your wife out for dinner if she finds out how much you actually spent on these!!!

  3. Sounds about right. Lots of money, but really, really nice.

  4. I'm waiting for new EDC mini lights from Armytek. These lights are with TIR optics and that' why I'd like to purchase one of them.
    I think they will be good edc lights.