Wednesday, January 18, 2012

More Leaks from SHOT

So Gerber had a patent on the one handed opening mechanism for multitools (and wow look at all the good patent protection did for the consumer, we got all kinds of crappy variations on the one good idea). The patent expired and our friend Juli, over at Leatherman (she was the point person for the Sidekick review), did a video leading up to SHOT that demonstrated the new OHT (one handed tool) from Leatherman. There are two other tools, the Rebar, which we have all seen and is a smaller version of the Supertool, and a safety cutter. The OHT however, steals the show:

I still like the balisong design, but for those that need quick access, the OHT makes it possible. Now that we have a one handed Leatherman, can we officially say there is no reason EVER to buy a Gerber MT?

Also, great job Juli on the demos.  


  1. That 1 hand multi tool is insane! I might just "need" one of those next fall!