Friday, December 30, 2011

Ready to Go

So the ad revenue will definitely be enough to give away the custom Mini Grip, for sure, by the first anniversary of the site.  If I get more than enough I will use it to buy a knife or light, review it and give it away as well. 

Only issue?  I have only a half dozen or so entries.

This is a pretty simple contest.

Email me a logo you have designed that incorporates the name the of site and if I like it you win.  What do you win?

A custom Benchmade Mini Griptillian with S30V, handle colors of your choice, blade style of your choice (though I'd strongly recommend the thumb hole), blade coloring of your choice, and clip and clip color of your choice (within the range of those offered by Benchmade). 

This is a free $135 knife.  I give you the knife, you give me a sweet logo. 


  1. I would love to submit but even if I did have an *idea* I don't have the skill to pull off a passable image of my idea. Which sucks. I actually have a tab open *right now* for a Mini Grip, thinking of buying.

    So maybe expand to accept ideas/sketches, and you'll get some more ideas. I would love to get in - really I'd love to win - but if I had an idea I'd submit it.

  2. If there is some way to digitize a sketch and send it via email as a jpeg I will accept it.

  3. Hi Tony, I made a super nifty logo I'd like to submit. What's your email address?

  4. anthonysculimbrene at comcast dot net (in the normal format)

  5. Thanks! I sent you an email. (from Joseph)

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