Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New Spydercos

It looks like EDCF is down, so while we are all moping around, I thought I'd cheer everyone up with a peek at the new Spydercos.

So the first look at new Spydercos with pricing information is out.  BladeHQ, one of my favorite knife sites (excellent selection and service with not too bad pricing) has a bunch of new Spydies up for viewing, here.

There is, of course, the much anticipated Spyderco Techno, which at $191, is a pricey small knife.  It does have Ti handle slabs, a framelock, and it uses the very well regarded Carpenter CTS-XHP steel.  According to Sal Glesser, the XHP steel functions like D2 but is significantly more rust resistant.  This is a gorgeous knife and the first Spyderco collaboration with a Polish designer.

Then there is the stealth entry in this group, a knife I could find very little information about, the Spyderco R Nishijin.  It looks like a fancied up Endura with a finger choil.  I can't find the price or the steel, so you'll just have to keep your eyes open.

Then there is what I think is the most interesting of these new knives, the Sage 4.  It is has a Ti bolster and DESERT IRONWOOD handles.  Of all the natural materials out there, Desert Ironwood has to be my favorite.  It polishes up to a beautiful finish, it is smooth, and the grain pattern is gorgeous.  This Sage honors the mid spine lockback of Al Mar's design.  The knife is $194 and uses S30V steel.   Here is a picture from Blade HQ (this is the only image on the net right now, so I apologize for the BladeHQ background, but they are decent folks, so I don't care if this is a bit of advertising):

There are a bunch of other cool knifes--a new Gayle Bradley, a range of fixed blades, including a traditional Northern European knife, the Puuko, and a blackened Tenacious.

My favorite though has to be the new Sprint Run Jester.  I have wanted the Jester to come back for ages.  It is a superior design when compared to the similarly sized Ladybug.  And now it is back.  It has VG-10 steel, a gray G-10 handle, and a piped lanyard hole.  It will clock in around $65.

All these new Spydercos, some we had not even heard of prior to BladeHQ's postings, make me so excited.  I am like a kid at Christmas time.  Oh wait, I AM a kid at Christmas time (well, a 34 year old kid).  


  1. "Designed for full-sized cutting with the least possible amount of mass, the Spyderco "R" [Nishijin] features a plain blade just over 3-1/2 inches."

    Weird blurb, since the specs indicate that knife actually weighs MORE than an Endura (4.3 oz vs. 3.6 oz) and has a shorter blade ("just over 3 1/2 inches" vs. 3.75").

    The pic indicates that the blade steel is VG-10.

    I like the Sage 4 a lot and may just buy one of those sprint run Jesters. I love my G-10 Dragonfly and I love gray knives.

  2. Also, I agree that Blade HQ is a good outfit. If you register an account on their site, they have offered some sweet prices lately on Fenix lights, like an LD01 (R4) for $33.50 (temporarily out of stock, alas).

  3. Damn!! I didn't know any of these were coming out and you would think I'd be on the ball about stuff like that. Man Spyderco has some sweet stuff on the horizon. A Sage 4? Yes please. That Jester looks great too. Time to start scavenging my neighbors' recycling bin for scrap to save up for some of these bad boys - 2012 is going to be a good year.