Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Morning EDC

So Santa has long since scurried away and you come downstairs in your sweatpants to a feast for the eyes made of tinsel, ribbon, and multi-colored paper.  There are presents to tear into, things to build, batteries to install, etc.  Your the tool guy in your house.  Your the person people look to when a pair of eyeglasses fall apart or something is jamming the silverware drawer.  It is only natural then, that they turn to you to for a tool to assist with all the festivities.  And like every other day of the year, you want to be prepared.  So what do you carry whilst under the tree?

First, do some research, right?  That's what we do when thinking about things: research.  Here you go: a thread about Christmas morning EDC over at EDCF.  After that you have to do some testing.  If you are like many people Christmas shopping was a primarily online affair.  So you had tons of opportunities to bust open packages with your EDC.  You know from the testing that a small blade is more than enough to tackle most chores.  Then there is the assembly--lots of toys and tools require some assembly, so what about those tasks?  I think it is clear that you should carry a multitool.  They are more people friendly and they can handle a variety of elven tasks.

I have three multitools--a Leatherman PS4, a Skeletool, and the beast, a Leatherman Charge TTi.  All would work beneath the tree, but the Charge would likely pants me, given my attire--sweatpants--and it massive weight.  So the Charge is out.  I think the Skeletool would be fine, but there are times when I wish I had scissors and delicate packages full of cashmere goodies is one of those times, so the Skeletool is out.  That leaves me with what I think is the ideal Christmas morning EDC--the small and versatile PS4.

Merry Christmas.


  1. I had a PS4 waiting under the tree for me this morning (thanks Santa!).

    Any recommendations on what to use to connect it to my keys? Something small but easy to quickly attach and detach would be perfect.

  2. I would recommend some McGizmo clips. They come in various sizes and two different materials--stainless steel and titanium. Here is a place with a good selection:

  3. I also carried the PS4 today and used it several times for small screws and little cutting tasks. The blade that got the most use however, was the cheap but well-made Kershaw Chill. That bad boy ate up a TON of cardboard and held up fine. 8CR13MOV is a "low-end" steel, but it held up just fine. Merry Christmas!

  4. I also used my PS4 this morning too and it was great.

    The Kershaw version of that steel does seem to be better than other versions of 8CR13MOV, especially compared to the Spyderco recipe.

  5. Yup. I've talked smack here before about the PS4's little blade, but I sure was glad for it when we had a big complicated package to open over at my son's great-grandma's apartment and I was separated from my EDC Dragonfly 2. The PS4 did great. Perfect Christmas EDC.