Sunday, November 20, 2011

Inkleaf Contest

Okay, I finally purchased and it should work, sending everyone back to the original Blogger site.  There are some other renovations on the way.  But as a way to kick off this series of changes, I am going to run a contest.  The winner will receive the stunning Moleskine cover from Inkleaf Leather that I reviewed a while back.  Here is a shot:


I timed this contest this way, obviously to announce the new URL, but also to stoke the fires for Inkleaf right before the holidays.  If your someone special is looking for a satchel, I think you'd be hard pressed to find a peer to the Inkleaf satchel.  They also have great wallets and notebook covers, like the one you see above.  They have all kinds of stuff in all kinds of price ranges.

The item that is up as a prize was provided to me for free by Inkleaf.  It has a value of $60.  To win you have to simply become a follower of the blog.  If you are already a follower you have already entered the contest.  On December 5, my birthday, I will choose a follower at random and that person will be the winner.  I'll mail you out the cover the following day. 

If you have a Google account it is painless to become a follower. If not, you have to sign up for one which is almost painless.  I am not going to collect any information from people (firstly because I don't want any and secondly because I don't know how).  The only reason I am doing this is because this is the only way I have to track who gets what.

The winner will not be disappointed.  This is a gorgeous piece of craftsmanship.  Its great for your calendar or notebook or as a gift to that sexy, bookish librarian-type you know.  So become a follower and get free, cool stuff. 

In a hundred years your moleskine, with all of your first drafts of famous books, will be on Antiques Roadshow with its weather and worn, but perfectly functional Inkleaf cover and someone with a pointer and a British accent will be showing the camera your handwriting and the tiny, classy Inkleaf logo.  

Good luck.


  1. Hi great blog have been follow you since finding your on Have been looking for a small light mainly for rooting round PC's and desks so took your recommendation for a 4sevens Quark MiNi 123A as it was on your top ten values list. looks to be a great little light as it out preforms my currant lineup. also we have the same birthday.

  2. It is a very good light, especially for the money. You will not be sorry.

  3. Ohhh lusting....hope I get lucky! ;)

  4. Congrats on the domain! Although I'm already a RSS subscriber I am now following along on Google as well. Very cool contest offering.