Saturday, November 12, 2011

Emerson Micro Commander

Emerson Knives generate some of the most bi-polar reactions out there.  Some folks swear by them, refuse to acknowledge any other brand, believe that the Emerson Wave is a better invention than the knife itself.  These folks cannot get enough of the super sharp, easy to sharpen chisel grind.  Other folks dislike the weird grind, think the Wave is just another way to get poked in the pocket, and are appalled at the fit and finish on these quite expensive knives.

I am not on either side of the fence.  I have not owned an Emerson, not for the reason stated, but because they have all been too big for EDC carry in my opinion.  Well, they have changed the game with the release of the Micro Commander.

The knife has a v-grind, though Emerson's take on that grind is a little different from the traditional v-grind.  It has decent steel (154 CM).  It has the Emerson Opener and a thumb hole.  It is under $200 (here it is for $175.46).  But the biggest deal is that the blade is under 3 inches, meaning it is pretty close to the ideal size for an EDC blade. 

Here is a jittery overview of the Micro Commander.  There is very little feedback on the knife as it is so new, but I can say that I am thrilled at the idea of getting one.  The opener is nice, but it is the blade shape with the massive belly that really attracted my eye.  This is, I believe, the reason that the Commander has been one of the most popular hard use knives for years.

Maybe Emerson has gone mainstream, or maybe they just wanted to make a knife that everyone could carry.  Either way, the Micro Commander is an interesting addition to the line up.

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  1. Although the review is a bit old, Emerson's quality seems to be questionable as of late. A shame because it's a beautiful knife. Hopefully they get it together one of these days because they used to be such a premium brand.