Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday Deals

I didn't do a ton of shopping, but we did hit a few places and I was scouting out good deals the entire time.  Three hit me as particularly nice.

First, like EDCF told us, Marshalls and TJ Maxx (yeah I know, not my favorite stores either) had the entire Serac line of flashlights on sale for probably less than cost.  I picked up a $14.99 Serac S3.  Significantly better than the $48 I paid for it earlier this year.  At that price, no one should pass them up.  They are outstanding lights and at less than $20, they are probably the best deal on the market right now for an EDC flashlight.

Also, as I sorta kinda maybe predicted, the Leatherman Wingman was a loss leader at Home Depot.  For $19.99 you could get one, while supplies lasted.  I am planning on getting a Charge TTi with Christmas money, so I passed, but think of this: for less than $35 ($34.98 to be exact) you could have a really stunning EDC light and saber kit that would last you for a very, very long time.

The last buy was something of a fluke.  I was working on Part III of the Going Through the Process series when I clicked on to Chestnut Ridge Knife Shop to research Becker BK7 sheathes when I saw an Ontario Ranger Series knife on sale.  It had 1095 handles, my sweet spot length of around 7 inches, and micarta handles.  On a BK7 this set up would be about $90.  It was on sale for $49.99.  I couldn't pass that up.  I will go more into the purchasing decision later, but that is a cranking sweet deal.  They might not all be gone, so here is the link (they had 10 on Thursday night, I don't know how many they have now). Here's the knife:

Also, I got some batteries, because, well batteries are always a good buy on Black Friday (36 AAs for $12...).


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