Saturday, October 1, 2011

Olight i1 EOS

Olight, a maker of primarily tactical lights, also had a budget, non-tactical line called iTP. Well, Olight has decided to merge the two lines. One of the nicer results of the merger is the i1 EOS. There are two styles, the Aluminum i1 and the polished stainless steel i1. Here is a picture of the stainless steel model:

The only difference in the two, besides price, is the material used.

Both lights have an XM-L emitter. Both have three outputs, with a 4 lumen low and a 180 lumen high. The high lasts for about 90 minutes, though again, I would doubt that is continuous runtime given the size of the light and lack of heat sinking. It is not a terribly pricey light coming in at $34.95 at Going Gear. Here is a good written review of the light.

All that aside, on paper this new light looks really great. First, it is definitely in the single cell 123a ultra compact class, with lights like the Mini Quark. Also, unlike the A1, the iTP predecessor, this light can tailstand (YIPEE). Finally, this light has a screw on pocket clip, something that no other light this size has, not even the much vaunted Mini Quark.

This is a pretty impressive package: cutting edge emitter, screw on clip, ultra compact size, and less than $35. Finally a legit competitor for the Mini Quark. I think I know what I want to get in my stocking this Christmas. There are also AA and AAA sized versions of this light for lithium haters.


  1. MostMenAreRuthlessOctober 2, 2011 at 3:26 PM

    Olight doesn't seem to get as much play on the forums as they deserve. The T10 is an excellent single-cell 123 light. I am liking this mini version...