Monday, October 3, 2011

Light Box

I just finished building a light box. It was quite easy and though I still have an old point and shoot camera (which prevents me from getting DSLR quality pics) I think the image quality is much better (click the image to get full res versions).

Take a peek:


Here is another shot:

IMG_0024 Hopefully it will make the pictures more informative.

The light box itself was easy enough to build.  I used some scrap wood I had hanging around in the basement, my pocket screw jig from Kreg, an old t-shirt, and some plain paper.  The light is provided by a clamp light plugged into the socket behind my bench.  All in all, it took me about 15 minutes to assemble everything.  

I still have to play with the bulb in the clamp light because it seems a little blue and a little dark.  I am sure I will find the right combination eventually. 


  1. The blueish tint of your photos is most likely your white balance, if you can, switch your white balance to florescent lighting, that should fix it. the dimness is either exposure or just not enough light. hope that helps

  2. Looks good Tony! Not sure how much post processing you have done but to improve the brightness you may have to bite the bullet and upgrade the lighting. I run 200W of compact fluorescent bulbs and my photos still turn out kind of dark. Not sure if it's the camera or my setup - photography definitely isn't a strong suit of mine but it's been fun fooling around with it.

  3. Try an exposure value compensattion of +1 before buying additional lights

  4. That little powershot should be able to make the lightbox look good. I mean you are making the circumstances of the picture ideal, and that camera is plenty powerful....

    Having said that, since the pictures still look a little dark, the circumstances might not be ideal yet. More lights, or figure out how to compensate with the SD1100. Maybe a tiny tripod, and probably 2 more clamp lights. If you lived close I would give you some - I built a similar lightbox but never use the thing.

    I'd love to see pictures of your setup, though. Do you like the Kreg? I have seen those, and am curious.

  5. Also that McGizmo.....


  6. Love the pocket screw jig. Super easy and nice. Not so craftsman-y but still really nice. Get a Kreg though. The other versions stink.