Thursday, September 22, 2011

Quick hit on a good deal

It has been a while, but I finally bought another Benchmade, this time opting for the Spyderco Benchmade, i.e. the Mini Grip 555hg.  It is an excellent knife and a full review is coming.  But the reason I post is because of where I got it.  I have no affiliation with any site out there, but when I see a good deal, I feel obligated to pass it on.

I got my Mini Grip at Outfitter Country.  The price was SIGNIFICANTLY below Benchmade's mandatory uniform pricing of $80.75 (which is what the price is virtually everywhere, even ebay).  I got my NEW 555hg for $63.00, and with shipping the total was $66.06.  Quite the steal.  I am sure Benchmade will hunt them down and either force them to jack up the price or cut off their supply, but get them while you can.  At this price, the knife is real bargain.  Shipping was quick too.  This was my first purchase there and it went very smoothly.  I can't vouch for them all of the time, but in my one small sample, I was very pleased.  


  1. Whenever I have bought a Benchmade it has also been quite a bit lower than the list price.

    I have a feeling Benchmade know but still get their wholesale profits so they don't care so much. Stating the prices higher would only be better for them because it would drive more competitive pricing and more on the spot sales.

  2. They have been pretty strict with pricing. Your Corner Store lost their benchmades over pricing and a couple of other silly disputes.

  3. I live not far from Benchmade's headquarters (Oregon City, OR) and was in there talking to them about their pricing. Their customer rep says they don't want to compete with their customers and so they set a list price but let the dealers set their own price. Interesting that what they say and what they practice are two different things.

  4. I find that hard to believe given the high degree of price uniformity and the odd price itself: $80.75. It is not like that is a nice round number.