Saturday, September 3, 2011

New One Piece Multitool Maker

We have all seen and marveled as the simplicity and utility of an Atwood tool. I really liked mine, but it was so expensive I was always worried about losing it. Eventually I settled on a Gerber Shard, which I like quite a bit. If you want something a bit more craftsmen-y, but not as hard to get as an Atwood, there are bunch of makers out there. Here is an overview of them. But a new maker with really interesting designs just started making stuff. Check out TT PockeTTools when you get a chance. His most full featured OPMT, the TT Chopper, is seen here:

It is only $26, a reasonable size for a keychain, and made of S30V. Check, check, and check. Definitely a nice alternative to an Atwood and a welcome addition to an interesting market niche. The picture is taken from PockeTTool's blog as there are no images out there other than this one. Hope he doesn't mind.


  1. Those are nice! I recently picked up an Atwood Pest - it's a nice tool, but I bought it mainly out of curiosity. I liken his tools more to mini pieces of art although I'm sure they can be used.

  2. This is one of my favourite gear related sites to check. Honestly, you find and review such interesting and useful gear. Needless to say, I purchased a chopper seconds after seeing this post.