Monday, September 26, 2011

Mini Grip Lock and Steel Update

Well, I am working on a review of the Spyderco Benchmade, aka the Mini Grip 555hg. I had been down on Benchmade because I had a bad experience both with the Axis lock and the 154CM steel they used.

I had a first gen Axis lock knife and the lock bar was sloppy. I could easily twist it in the slot so that the one side was all the way up front and the other side was all the way back. The Omega Springs have been fixed and the bar travels almost perfectly perpendicular to the travel path the entire time even with pressure on one side only. Problem #1: Fixed.

Second, I had a knife with Benchmade's 154CM, the Sequel, and it freckled like crazy. It was a RUST MAGNET. But I can report that three or four years later the 154CM seems to be doing much better. I have left the knife out on a shelf in the bathroom when I shower. No rust. Then yesterday I peeled apples for my son and left the juices on there. About five hours later I cleaned them off. The blade was sticky but not rusty.

Maybe I got a bum version of both the Axis lock and the 154CM steel before or maybe both are improved. Either way, I am very pleased so far.

Review coming soon.