Friday, September 2, 2011

In case you missed it--Sunwayman V10R Titanium

This is the third in a series of commentaries on items that have just recently been discontinued, but for one reasons or another, are worth hunting down. Here are the two previous entries, the Serac S3 and the Spyderco Michael Walker ZDP-189. The Sunwayman V10R Ti is a really nice little light--think of it as a budget McGizmo. Here is a sweet pic:

It is a single cell 123A light with an output of 210 lumens. Here is a good comparison review with another limited edition Ti light, the Jetbeam TC-R2 (which has long since sold out; EDIT: Available again in small numbers here). The cool thing about this light though is the variable output control right at the base of the head of the light. This allows you to control the output of the light from 1 lumen to 210. The runtime is pretty good on both as well. The size is pretty pocketable, being slightly smaller than a McGizmo Haiku (which is, itself, a pretty small light). It can tailstand. Its got a nice looking tailcap and reflector. The clip looks chintzy, but hey, that is why it is a BUDGET McGizmo. Wonder if a McGizmo clip, aka Universal Titanium pocket clip, will fit? That would be a sweet aftermarket upgrade.

The big issue though, aside from the control ring, is the fact that this is a Ti light. Titanium has been the material of choice for most high end and custom lights. It is stronger than aluminum, has minimal negative impact on conductivity, and gives off an almost angelic brilliant white sheen (in fact, Titanium powder is used in white paint to make it bright white). The fact that Sunwayman took the time and effort to make this light in all Ti speaks highly of their commitment to distinguishing themselves in the marketplace, as crowded as it is. This is a special edition worth the label. And here is the kicker--the Sunwayman website, as of the posting of this commentary has them in stock AND on sale ($150 from the original price of $180).

So if you drool over the delicious Ti goodness on CPF, but can't shell out the big bucks, go for the V10R Ti. It just might be the coolest looking, best performing light you own. And if you wait, you can get them on eBay for $300 in a year or two.

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  1. I actually just ordered this from Going Gear 2 days ago, and yes the McGizmo clip fits, you will need longer screws however. The Going Gear price with the cpf discount code ends up at $135 + free shipping.