Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Branespload Interview

In what I hope is a series, below is an email interview I did with Bernard aka branespload, the creator of (which if you don't visit often, you should, though I can't imagine how you found this site without finding his). Here it is:

Q: Current EDC Knife/Light Combo?

A: My light is fairly constant and is the one part of my EDC I haven't upgraded in a long time -- the 4sevens Quark 123 Ti R5:

I jumped on it when 4sevens was announcing the first production light to use the XP-G R5, in titanium, for less than a hundred dollars. It has served me very well and despite buying other lights, none have come close to replacing this one. On the other hand, my knives tend to rotate. Recently, I've been carrying the SanRenMu 704 a lot as a beater knife when I do some simple gardening or to rip through boxes and such. It's gotten a bit dull, so I always go back to my trusty dyed LeafStorm (brainsploded's picture, BTW):

The s30v holds an edge pretty well.

Q: What is your one grail item?

A: Just one grail item is hard to narrow down -- I used to pine for a Sinn EZM-1:

Really though, my true grail item would be a knife or flashlight that I could personally design. It would probably be a flashlight since I know a bit more about them and what I'd want out of one. These days the market for EDC lights is huge, but it's so hard to find something that perfectly fits your needs. My 4sevens comes close, but isn't neutral. Zebralights come close in size, UI, etc, but they're not exactly grail-worthy.

Q: What is the one thing you carry that you'd like to upgrade and why?

A: More recently, my in ear monitors, Shure SE530 have been dying on me. I'd want to get them upgraded to a custom molded IEM, so I'll probably get them reshelled. In second place would be my GoBag/BOB materials -- I would totally overhaul my backpack and its carry system to be more organized, streamlined and diversified. Getting stuck in Boston during Irene sort of opened my eyes to how poorly I prepared that kit.

Q: Thumbhole, flipper, or thumbstud?

A: Of the three, I like using my thumb over my index finger, so flipper gets last place. I've used many thumbstud knives, from Boker, Al Mar, Benchmade and SRM but I have to say I prefer what I know best -- the Spyder Hole. I feel like I have more control when my thumb fits into something rather than tries to keep contact on top of it, like with a thumbstud. I feel like I can open knives with thumbholes either by flicking it for fast deployment or slowly and more controlled around people who are less than comfortable with knives.

Q: What is the best EDC product released this calendar year?

A: This is tough for me -- to be honest I haven't been able to keep track of everything coming out this year, especially since I haven't had the chance to upgrade anything or purchase new kit. I'd need to wait til the end of this year to answer that one, sorry!

Q: What are your five favorite EDC sites?

A: I hope sites can include forums, because I am a firm believer in forums as a platform for expanding knowledge. It's a place for knowledgable, enthusiastic and friendly people to share ideas and exchange opinions. This is the best way to keep up to date, gather some perspective and learn in ways that supplement your actual everyday experiences. With that said, I must give shoutouts to my top 3 -- EDCForums, CandlePowerForums, and BladeForums. Really though, those are the big three for me, I rarely need to go beyond those three to get the information I'm looking for. With that said, I'm glad to see some other EDC blogs starting up. You're doing a great job with your reviews at Everyday Commentary (editor: aw shucks...thanks) and Keychain Pockets deserves a shoutout as well.

Q: What are your five favorite YouTube reviewers?

A: I like cutlerylover, even though he's posting videos of his weightloss recipes these days. I also enjoy watching JohnWayneColt45, thecajunblaze, solosknifereviews, and stschmalhaus. Special shoutout to kenthenoob's channel, he's a friend who got me into knives when I was exclusively interested in flashlights way back then.

Q: Sal Glesser (founder of Spyderco) calls and says to you "What old Spyderco should we remake with ZDP-189 steel and CF handle slabs?". What is your answer?

A: Hmm, I hope there isn't a wrong answer to this. I personally like gentleman's folders with a bit of modern/tech flare, so I'd say the C34

or Goddard Jr. This is off the top of my head though…

NOTE: They DID make a Jess Horn II with ZDP-189 steel.  See here (it is the 2006 sprint run version of the Jess Horn lightweight, aka C38PBRG, there were only 1200 made). 

Q: How do you carry data with you? USB drive, cloud, some other method?

A: I have a Lacie iamakey 8GB on my keychain always, and I usually have my laptop and a WD 2.5" portable external in my bag with me. I also have dropbox on my phone but I don't use that as often.

Q: What item do you carry/wear that has the most sentimental value?

A: I hate to sound like I have no soul or something but my carry at the moment is streamlined to cut out unnecessary stuff -- I used to keep a bunch of photos, movie stubs etc in my wallet before 'discovering' EDC so now everything is pretty minimal and utilitarian. I would have to say my car keys. There aren't any trinkets attached to them, but the keys themselves remind me of a lot of great times I had in high school when I hung out with friends or drove my little brother around. Other than that, my dad gave me his balisong from his childhood in Batangas, Philippines, which could be considered balisong central. I just can't carry it, unfortunately.


  1. Great interview! BIG fan of Bernard's blog and the guy is a class act.

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  2. I like your site but I would recommend one change. The text/background colors are difficult, for me anyway, to read after a paragraph or two. If you are going to do colors, a blue font on white, for example is easy for all to read. Thanks.

  3. That ti quark is sick. Interesting interview. I follow and love the edc site bernard runs, too.

    I agree with waykno though -- white text on dark background is hard on the eyes, even if it is better for the environment or whatever.

    I found your blog because of this interview - I subscribed. Keep it up!

  4. Thanks for a great interview. His EDC site is really incredible, and it's cool to hear from him.

    Love the LaCie data storage too...