Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My current EDC set up


Other than my iPhone, which was on the charger at the time, here is my current EDC set up. I am a lawyer and I go to court a lot, so the knife often sits in my car, along with my lunch bag and the bottle. Other than that, everything is always with me. During a jury trial, I have my bottle with me too; it is a good luck charm.

It includes:

1. iPhone 4

I have tried others, but the vast and ever-increasing number of Apps makes this a no brainer phone for me. I especially like FastCase, a free legal search engine that can get cases and laws from all fifty states and federal jurisdictions.

2. Incipio Feather case

It strikes me as odd that people would go buy these thin sleek phones and then cover them in bulky cases that look like rubberized Depends. Plenty of protection and not a lot of bulk. Plus they come with nice screen protector film. Oh, and they are cheaper than most cases. This is my fifth case, so I have tried a ton. I like this one the best by far.

3. Big Skinny Thin World Bifold Wallet

Love this wallet. See.

4. Citizen Eco Drive E760 (out of production)

My wife gave me this watch for Christmas one year. It is a fancy-enough-for-me watch that involves very, very little maintenance and still looks classy enough for an adult who is not a Navy Frogman to wear. Nothing against the G-Shock watches, they just look a little too Power Ranger-y for me.

5. Tumi Alpha Briefcase

This thing is indestructible. I strongly recommend anyone look at Tumi's stuff before they buy a softside briefcase. They are amazing. Pricey, $375, but worth it. I have had this bag for 8 years. At just over 12 cents a day, it is totally a steal.

6. LL Bean branded 16 ounce insulated Kleen Kanteen (out of production)

After a long search and thorough analysis from Buzzbait, see the link in the navigation and link bar to the right, I settled on this model. The branding is obnoxious, but the coating used to color the bottle hides dents, the bane of all metal water bottles. Perfect size.

7. Blue Human Gear CapCap

Without question, the best cap on the market. Buy it and forget about everything else. I tried literally a dozen variations before I settled on this.

8. 18 month Weekly Notebook black soft cover pocket from Moleskine

Not my favorite, but there are very few 18 month pocket sized calendars out there like the Moleskine. I would prefer the Stifflexible, but they are no where to be found, especially in the 18 month variation. As a lawyer I have to tickle files more than a year out so 18 months is a necessity.

9. Modified Zebra F-701 with Parker style Blue Medium Fisher refill

I love this pen. See.

10. 8GB Sandisk Cruzer

I like the capless design, but that is about it. This thing feels so flimsy.

11. Muyshondt Aeon Neutral Aluminum

Love this light. No-brainer 20/20.

12. Spyderco Dragonfly II in ZDP-189

See comments above for Aeon. Love this blade.

13. Reuseable, insulated lunch bag (out of production) for the Container Store.

I wanted something super simple and this is it. A little too simple though. A handle would be nice.

Of the things I use I'd like to replace/upgrade:

1. The USB drive. It is really flimsy and, surprisingly enough with a new kid around, too small to tote all my pictures and videos.

2. The lunch bag. It is starting to get a bit old and I'd love a handle. Nothing complicated though, still super simple.

3. The Tumi. It is a bombproof bag and a great design, but with the advent of iPhone searches for law and cases, I don't need a bag this big anymore. Still haven't found that PERFECT bag yet.

Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated.


  1. Tony, no real suggestions here but I wanted to say that I love your setup. I bought that same wallet on your recommendation and it's awesome (mine is a light brown synthetic though). I will also be very curious to see if the Caly 3 ever kicks that Dragonfly ZDP out of your pocket.

    As for a briefcase, I carried a Filson briefcase this summer (a Filson "Breifcase Computer Bag" to be exact) and I really like it. I'm sure you could find something more practical though. I'll admit it's a pretty basic (but high quality) bag.

  2. You should take a look at Waterfield Designs for bags and wallets. They are amazing. My wallet is going on 8 years. Clean simple designs

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