Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A New Light Company and a Frenemy Departs

A coming and a going in the flashlight world.

Darksucks from CPF has recently launched his own line of custom made aluminum lights. Here is the website. The light certainly looks beautiful: an aluminum body with a high polish plate finish. It uses a very high capacity rechargeable: the 18650. It also has a washer style pocket clip.

Interestingly, the light tops out at 500 lumens, which is well less than the portable star that is the Moddoolar Pocket (which can hit 1100 lumens), but this light is about $100 less and at least twice as nice looking. It is another entry into the getting crowded 500 lumens or more custom flashlight market.

There are some things that prevent this from being just another entry. First, it is the first light from this maker. The design is entirely his own and it is very nice looking. Second, I can't say enough good things about the washer-style clip. It is nice and secure but can also be removed without tools. But the best feature of the light, based solely on what his site says, is the beam shot. Here is the comparison beam shots. Now I know it is easy to fake beam shots, but this is a pretty good display here. Nothing crazy, no walls, a real life outdoor shot. The Darksucks light gives you a wall of useful light.

As I have acquired more high end lights I have come to realize that it is the beam type and beam quality that separates great lights from good lights. Those lights that can produce smooth, consistent beams with a bright hotspot transitioning smoothly into a nice flood are both hard to find and worth their usually hefty price tag.

This series of lights looks to have the beam down and the price, $200, isn't outrageous, especially when you look at what your getting and compare it to other custom lights.

In other flashlight news, the Arc6 is officially being discontinued, according to the Arc website. This is not much of a surprise as the lights were not up to snuff, even if they didn't fall apart like mine did. Hopefully Peter will find a new place to do business and release a new generation of kick ass lights or maybe someone will take over the Arc6 production and get them back to the level of quality of their predecessors.


  1. I'm not a big flashlight guy, but my appreciation is growing with the somewhat recent purchase of a 4Sevens AA2. The high end flashlight market does seem like a pretty fascinating niche. I think for $200 you are getting a lot of light here. Like I said, I'm not a big flashlight guy - but I'm impressed!

  2. I've had a look at the light from darksucks. Personally I'm more interested in this custom light:


    The design is very different from anything else that's out there. Use's the same driver as in the moddoolar and the tri EDC. I'm expecting a big purchase soon, so it's out of the question for me for now. Also would be good to see how the first batch actually turns out.

  3. Hi Tony, I'm Jason, the guy behind Dark Sucks. I was cruising my analytics data and discovered your great blog. *subscribed!* Thanks for the mention and the kind words!

    In any case, feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions. Maybe we can talk about getting you a demo light to review? My email is on my site. Cheers!