Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ugh...And A Contest

My wife's phone was stolen this Saturday. After an enormous hassle, we got new phones which means that ALL of the accessories for my old phone no longer work. So, I decided to make twisted lemonade from these lemons.

Here is the deal:

Write a review of a folding knife or flashlight using the 20 point scale, email it to me, and I will pick the best two. First prize is a Griffin iPhone iTrip, a FM transmitter for iPhones. Second prize is an Incipio Feather case for iPhone 3GS. Both are used, though in great to decent condition (the case has some scuffing on the bottom back side and the iTrip is practically new). If I can find the boxes I can include them at the winners' request (it will add to shipping). Otherwise, you just get the accessories.

Send reviews to this email address:

All of the winners will be chosen by me, completely at my whim. Review something that I have not already reviewed. I reserve the right to cancel the contest at any time (like if the iTrip is lost or something). The reviews can be based on posts elsewhere, but they should conform to the 20 point system. I usually write a review after three months of exclusive carry, but if you are really good that might not be necessary. I'd like to avoid the "I just got this and it has these features" reviews. I want to know how it works. Also, the real point of this is to see how well the 20 point system works. If you want to include feedback on the system, GREAT!

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  1. I will do one on my 3' XM-18. Give me a few days.