Saturday, April 30, 2011

Among the Coolest ever...

I normally try to post more substantial stuff than "go to this site", but this is a good reason to make an exception. Keychain Pockets does some great reviews and the photography is top notch. Here is a post on one of the most beautiful lights I have ever seen:


And keep an eye on Steve Ku and Veleno Designs. First he did a run of Ti Nitecores that are still in high demand. Then he did a few Liteflux Ti lights and again they were in high demand. He did a light of his own, the awesome Volere AA. Then he released the porn star light 38DD light (that is a horrible joke, sorry). And now the above special edition of the 38DD.

Is Steve Ku the next custom maker about to hit it big? I think so.

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