Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Three tidbits

First, rumor has it that Chris Reeve is upgrading to S35VN steel for all his blades and this is causing the shortage of CRK's stuff. Here is the chemical composition for S35VN:

Carbon: 1.30%
Chromium: 14.00%
Manganese: .50%
Molybdenum: 2.00%
Niobium: .50%
Silicon: .50%
Tungsten: .40%
Vanadium: 3.00%

Looks very nice. I can't wait to see some reviews.

Second, JetBeam is releasing "econo" lights with simplified UI. See here. Two output levels, but you STILL have to twist a head and hit the clickie. Ugh. They missed the mark. Why not just use the two click system from the Surefire G2X Pro? No twist then click, just two clicks. Oh well. At least people have started to realize that few output modes and simpler UIs are the way to go.

Third, apparently the highly anticipated HDS Rotary is delayed. People all over CPF have been waiting past the ship date for their lights and now retailers are posting information about the delay--apparently it has something to do with the calibration system. Henry's new stuff always has some kinks, so this is not a surprise. They always get fixed too, so no big deal. Something is delayed temporarily, but bad forever. I am not sure why you need a rotary ring for output selection, when McGizmo has shown that all you need is well selected levels and you are fine. Nonetheless, I know people are just itching to get there hands on this light. Hang in there folks.


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