Saturday, February 26, 2011

Me and EDC

First off, I am a husband, dad, and lawyer. I live in Massachusetts and I love the Red Sox and the Boston Symphony Orchestra. I am from Ohio and I miss the friendly people and wide open spaces. I like to be outside and when it is rainy, playing with my wife and son or in the workshop making something. I do almost exclusively woodworking. I love tools. I love the power and destructive force of a hammer drill, the shrill rip of a mitre saw, and the perfect edge of a freshly routed piece of wood.

I have been carrying helpful gadgets or tools since I was about 10. I got a Victorinox Super Tinker that year for my birthday. I also got a little tiny holster. Later I paired it with a Mag Solitaire and carried it on my belt everywhere I went. This was pre-Columbine, pre-9/11 and so a Swiss Army Knife (SAK for short) wasn't a weapon but a tool. I lost this little kit in Pittsburgh one year while visiting my grandmother. Later my Dad got me a Spyderco Delica on a trip out to Boston (coincidence) and I had that knife for a long, long time. It got me through a summer job in warehouse where I used it to cut boxes everyday.

I do not know a single thing about tactical stuff other than it is spelled "tactical" not "tacticool". I do not own a gun, though I wish I did and I strongly support the 2nd Amendment. I do not hunt, nor do I wish that I did. Knives, for me, are tools. They are not weapons, and that's how I look at them. Does this make me qualified to write a blog? Prolly not, but EVERYONE has a friggin' blog.

Flashlights are bit different. I have always had a flashlight. I remember the 2-D cell plastic one that sat next to my bed. I remember the Solitaire (of course) and then I remember getting a 2-AA cell light from Eddie Bauer that had rubber grips and a lockout tail cap. For a long time that was my go to light. It was like a Mag Light, but cooler., the original not the current version (hence no link love), was a favorite read of mine in law school and I have kept up with flashlight technology ever since, though this past birthday was a high water mark as I finally landed a McGizmo, a Haiku XP-G. And it was worth the wait. As you can tell from the link, I love that light.

That is it. For now.

Next up my review of the Sebenza 21 Small with some commentary on knife reviewing...


  1. Hi Tony, I didn't see another way to contact you so I figure I would write you here (feel free to remove).

    I wanted to say thank you very much for the link! Much appreciated. It seems we have some stuff in common, I'm studying law myself, and of course there is the whole passion for knives and gear thing. Feel free to drop me an email any time (my website has a contact page w/ a form, better than openly posting my email here - keeps the spam down) I would love to chat. Best, Dan

  2. Great blog! Well written and in a fascinating topic area - we seem to like the same types of gear, but at the same time through your reviews and Recommendations write-ups I have learned about some excellent new options in lights and tools. This is the best EDC- related blog I have come across - keep up the good work.

  3. Hey Tony love the blog. I know you as Rawls over at EDCF I always enjoyed your post over there.

  4. Thanks for the link to my channel and blog. I appreciate it. I'll add you to my links sections as well. Andrew @ The Edge Observer

  5. I stumbled on to your blog by the wonders of the web. I am researching upgrading my SureFire Flashlights and found a link here on the Oveready site. This is an awesome blog! It is getting early in the morning and I have things to do today so I am going to make this short. I love gear and tech and have been told I can write. I am sure about the former but we will see about the latter. I think that the review contest is very enticing. Thank you for offering this chance.

  6. Great stuff! You bring the training of your day job to something you obviously enjoy. Hope you can keep the plates spinning, but really hope you can get off the BW corridor and back to the space and pace of life that you love.
    The Net has really changed how we interact with "stuff" both in the sense of community and commerce. Perhaps it will become your day job and you can get back to a life of craft.